Worm Gear

Worm gears are usually used when large speed reductions are needed. The reduction ratio is determined by the number of starts of the worm and number of teeth on the worm gear. But worm gears have sliding contact which is quiet but tends to produce heat and have relatively low transmission efficiency.

The applications for worm gears include gear boxes, fishing pole reels, guitar string tuning pegs, and where a delicate speed adjustment by utilizing a large speed reduction is needed. While you can rotate the worm gear by worm, it is usually not possible to rotate worm by using the worm gear. This is called the self locking feature. The self locking feature cannot always be assured and a separate method is recommended for true positive reverse prevention.

The worm gears arrangement is a combination of a worm  (screw ) and a Worm gears (wheel) which is used to reduce the rotational speed and to increase the torque.  This gears system  works on simple screw mechanism which converts rotational motion into linear and torque to a linear force.