Timing Belt Pulley

We are pioneer Manufacturer and Exporter of positive drive pulley (Timing pulley). We offer complete range of timing pulleys to the international quality standards. Timing pulleys have high tensile strength, efficiency and capability to provide output without noise, slipping and speed variation.

Advantage of Timing belt Pulley

  • Positive grip of belt teeth with pulley grooves eliminate slippage and speed variation. It is unusually high mechanical efficiency.
  • Maintenance cost can be reduced because absence of metal to metal contact eliminates the need for lubrication systems, oil retaining devices and their nuisance, cost, weight, possibility of product contamination, thus it is maintenance free drive
  • Noise level is relatively low throughout normal speed range of industrial and light duty drive which perform silent operation.
  • HTD Drives provide positive, trouble free power transmission in low speed at high torque application and offer many advantages over conventional chain and gear drives.
  • There is no snatching or vibration caused by the rise and fall of the belt pitch line as occurs in chain drives and no loss of speed cause by belt creep or slippage as with flat and V belts.
  • This drive is conventional then other drives with compare to maintenance and long time performance.