Oil Seal

Oil seals and “O” rings are used in all hydraulic systems, pumps, pistons, pipe connections, etc. An oil seal used for sealing a rotating member is called a rotaryseal. … “O” rings have a long life. They provide effective sealing under constant or varying pressure, high vacuum, and high or low temperatures.
We offer the following types of oil seals:
  • General Purpose High Performance Oil Seal.
  • Rubber Fabric Oil Seal.
  • Rotary V-Seal.
  • PTFE O-Ring Energised Oil Seal.
  • PTFE Metal Case Oil Seal.
  • PTFE Spring Energised Oil Seal.
  • PTFE Lip Oil Seal.


1.Lightweight, compact, and energy-saving

2.High sealing performance by optimum lip design 


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